A New Year, A New Blog

Don’t forget to put coins on your front porch on New Year’s Eve. It’ll bring good luck.

That’s what my grandparents always said and what my mom continues to remind me of as I ring in a new year. So, I do. Every New Year’s Eve, I put a small pile of coins on my front porch. I try to believe it will bring me good luck, maybe a bit of prosperity, although I’m not really superstitious. I don’t worry about opening umbrellas indoors or walking under a ladder. The only reason a broken mirror bothers me is because it means I have to buy a new one and although I always say, “knock on wood” so I continue to have good fortune, I’m not sure it does much other than remind me to be grateful for what I have. The truth is, I always put those coins on my front porch because it reminds me of my grandpa, a man who I miss all the time and who always managed to say a lot without really saying anything at all.

So, I regress to New Years. The start of 2016. It’s the time for a new beginning, an opportunity to let go of past disappointments and to say hello to possibilities that might arise. I’ve never been one for resolutions because I’m constantly setting goals and working to achieve them. Why would I limit that hope and drive to one day a year?

Here’s what I do know…

I’m a teacher who loves her job. I love watching my students achieve success, and I can barely contain my excitement when they blow me away with creative writing. That said, I’d really like to get my students to specialist on time this year. It’s not always easy being that my classroom is located in the furthest portable from the entrance, but that’s an excuse, really. Anything is attainable, especially when you have twenty-four students who love specialist time and a teacher who loves the promise of a coffee break.

I’m a mom who loves her family. With that being the case, I vow to simplify our lives in 2016. I want to have more time just to be. I want to take walks and go for hikes without worrying that we’ll be late for our next commitment. I want to eat dinner together at our kitchen table without worrying about homework getting done or feeling guilty that I haven’t served enough fruits and vegetables. I simply want to make it a point to be together because if I’ve learned anything in recent years, it’s that time passes all too quickly and before I know it, it’ll just be Chris and myself sitting at a table while our kids are in college or starting their own families.

I’m a writer who loves to write. Hence, the blog. This year, I vow to reach out to others in the writing community. I want to break out of the writing cave that my introverted self has taken up residence in over the past few years. I’m not sure if it’s funny or sad to think about the number of people I’ve known for years, who have no idea that I’m a writer. I’m not a ghost writer and I’m not writing under a pseudonym. I have a knowledgeable literary agent. I have supportive family and friends who cheer me on. I guess I’ve just never felt worthy of shouting it out because I have yet to sign that book deal. But the truth is, publishing is a hard business. Therefore, this year I refuse to hide in that corner and hope to become a writer because honestly, I already am, and no one can take that talent or drive from me, but myself.


Happy New Year. I wish you happiness, health, and love in 2016. Whatever your passions, and wherever your plans take you, do them with all of your heart.


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